Event Detail

ANIMALOOZA Presents Have You Seen My Dinosaur?

Saturday, November 2 2013

at Boulder Theater
2032 14th St
Boulder, CO 80302
Doors open at 8:30AM
All Ages
ANIMALOOZA is the next BIG thing in children's entertainment. It combines books, videos and live-events in the most creative and entertaining ways possible. It speaks the language of children---a language we grown-ups sometimes forget. It's a language called FUN! ANIMALOOZA isn't just a show. It's more than that. It's an interactive multimedia experience and dance extravaganza! ANIMALOOZA creatively introduces kids to animals and the world we share in fun and innovative ways with a healthy and age-appropriate dose of environmental awareness. With world-class songs, dances and animation written by an Emmy award-winning team, ANIMALOOZA is set to the steal the show when it comes to fun and interactive learning for kids. As a special gift for attending the ANIMALOOZA premier at the Boulder Theater, all ticket holders will receive a FREE COPY of Shane DeRolf's latest children's book, "Have You Seen My Elephant?" which contains one FREE CHILD'S ADMISSION to the DENVER ZOO---a $15.95 value at no cost! For more information, check out www.ANIMALOOZA.COM or call 303-909-3200.
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